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      delicious vegetarian meals delivered to your home


      Enjoy the convenience of chef-prepared vegetarian weight loss meal delivery right to your door.


      • Plenty of nutritionally balanced lunch & dinner options plus optional snacks
      • Customizable doctor-designed program making vegetarian eating easy
      • Chef-prepared meals following a vegetarian diet featuring plant-based meals and seafood options
      • Individualized weight loss support from our team of registered dietitians


      • Great-tasting vegetarian meals without the hassle - we do the work for you
      • Delicious vegetarian entrees hand-prepared by our chefs, conveniently delivered to your door
      • Meals rich in fiber and antioxidants with low saturated fat and cholesterol
      • Scientifically balanced nutrition to promote overall wellness and weight loss

      Vegetarian diets can take many forms and follow many definitions. At bistroMD, our vegetarian plans feature plentiful plant-based meals as well as seafood options and some meals contain dairy. While not a vegan option, our doctor-designed programs are created with the widest set of vegetarians in mind.

      easy and convenient vegetarian meal delivery

      Whatever your reasons for following a vegetarian diet, bistroMD has you covered. Our vegetarian plans feature plentiful plant-based ingredients as well as seafood, eggs, and dairy. This allows for our plans to meet the needs of the widest set of people following vegetarian diets. Some might call these plans flexitarian, and that is also an accurate description. But underlying it all is bistroMD's founding nutritional principle of plentiful lean protein sources at every meal and snack. Lose weight or just enjoy the convenience of chef-prepared vegetarian meals delivered to your home.

      effortless vegetarian meal delivery


      Choose a Plan

      Lunches & Dinners

      7 Days

      7 Lunches,
      7 Dinners
      Before Now
      $159.95 $119.96
      Save $59.94*

      Lunches & dinners

      5 Days

      5 Lunches,
      5 Dinners
      Before Now
      $129.95 $97.46
      Save $52.44*

      *Savings amount includes free shipping, a $19.95 value. My Night is a structured break to practice what you learn.

      make it your own with my bistroMD

      As a bistroMD member you will have access to our members portal, mybistroMD.com, to select your meals and customize your program to match your tastes.

      Our team of registered dieticians will use your preferences and order history to build weekly menus that will take you on a culinary tour of the best cooking our chefs have to offer. Whether your goal is weight loss or simply the convenience of prepared heart healthy meals delivered, my bistroMD is your portal to deliciously simple success.

      step 1 choose your meals

      Select from over 100 rotating heart healthy meals

      step 2 our experts and chefs prepare your meals

      Your team of chefs and registered dietitians will handle
      all of the heavy lifting

      Your team of chefs and registered dietitians will handle all of the heavy lifting

      step 3 manage your plan

      Easily manage your plan with mybistroMD.com.
      Skip a week, set preferences and schedule
      consultations with our dietitians all in one place.

      Easily manage your plan with mybistroMD.com. Skip a week, set preferences and schedule consultations with our dietitians all in one place.

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      frequently asked questions

      What does bistroMD's vegetarian program include?

      BistroMD offers a selection of plant-based vegetarian meals that include seafood eggs and dairy. After surveying current and potential program members, we have come up with a vegetarian offering that best matches our nutritional foundation and the desires of our customers. After you have placed your order, you will have access to the mybistroMD.com member portal where you are free to choose and review your entree preferences. Using my bistroMD gives you complete control to create the vegetarian weight loss program that will work best for you.

      Will I be able to snack on bistroMD?

      Yes! It can sound funny at first, but bistroMD is a weight loss program that actually encourages our members to snack. The important part is to pick snacks that complement the nutrition you receive in your core program, so that your body has even more fuel to generate weight loss results. We've created EATS (essential and tasty snacks) to do just that. Add them to you program today when you check out!

      Do you offer different weight loss programs for different lifestyles?

      BistroMD offers customizable weight loss programs that support overall weight loss and wellness with multiple plan type options to best suit your needs. We offer either 5 or 7 day plans in both breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as lunch and dinner only configurations. When you order, you also have the option of adding our snack program called EATS, Essential and Tasty Snacks, to your program.

      Can you create a custom program for me?

      Have special requests for your busy lifestyle? Let us know and our Registered Dietitians will customize the vegetarian diet program to fit your specific lifestyle and needs.

      Do I have to do any additional shopping or cooking?

      That depends on the plan type that you choose. For each meal that you receive from bistroMD, our chefs handle all of the shopping, meal prep and cooking. All you have to do is heat up your meals and enjoy!

      When can I expect my order to arrive?

      If you place your order by Tuesday at noon, eastern, we will ship your meals that week. If you place your order after Tuesday at noon, eastern, your meals will arrive the following week.

      Depending on where you live in the U.S., your meals will be scheduled for delivery between Tuesday and Saturday. Once your order is on its way to you, you will receive a tracking email that will allow you to track its status.

      Where do you deliver the program?

      BistroMD delivers to all 50 US states. Delivery in Alaska is limited to Anchorage, Fairbanks and Eagle River.

      get started today!

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